Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Jumpsuit fever

Ever since I started seeing the 'jumpsuit' trend in magazines etc, I've secretly wanted to try one! I was thinking 'well' I'm not really supposed to as I don't fit (excuse the pun!) the criteria to be a jumpsuit wearer, ie tall and thin; if you believe what you read in the media. Well that was until I saw a few styles modelled on the Evans website and ASOS curve. Well, it didn't take me long to make up my mind - especially as the items were on sale on both websites! I purchased the teal and the floral print jumpsuit (see below images) from ASOS Curve and the black jersey jumpsuit from Evans.

I was very pleased with Evans jumpsuit as the fabric is soft and the style disguises the tummy area a little! The ones I purchased from ASOS Curve were okay, although I'm not quite sure about the all-over floral print! This will take a little getting used to. I had to break that up with a black cardi! The other one, the teal colour was great except for the fact it was made for an amazonian/very tall woman. I will have to take up the hem a lot on this one, hence no image of me modelling it! Anyway, I would like your opinion whether curvy women can carry off a jumpsuit.

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