Saturday, 12 February 2011

Handbags and gladrags!

Today, I decided I would have a 'spring-clean'. The sun was out and it felt like a good time to tidy-up the ever expanding wardrobe. Little did I realise what I was letting myself in for! Four hours later, the wardrobe had been reorganised. The only problem was the pile of handbags I had on my bed! Handbags and shoes are one of my shopping weaknesses. With every outfit, I almost always have to have a handbag to go with it. The end result is a huge collection of bags! I will have to consider downsizing my collection as I literally have no room for them. I suppose I will have to give them away to friends\family?
You can see just a small collection of my favourites below.

Black, chains & studs!

Grab bags

Tassles & studs!
Satchels & Tassles!

Across-body bags

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  1. Or you could open up a shop, LOL! Or better swap. I'm always delaying the clean up because I know it will take hours. I like your favs. For winter I was wearing satchels, for Spring I'l keep the satchels and add oversized clutch and bags. Next post you show us your shoe collection? I'm curious now.