Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Boots, shoes and things

Who doesn't like the cold weather? I certainly do! I have to say its another excuse to organise my ever expanding wardrobe, ready for the first signs of the winter chill. Yesterday I organised my wardrobe and forced myself to finally pack away my summer sandals. I'll miss you sandals, it was fun while it lasted (sigh). But of course out comes the winter boots ...its their turn! I recently bought two pairs of boots from a certain inexpensive high street store - starts with a 'P' and ends with a K'. Thankfully they now stock a small selection of widefit boots as I'm cursed with large calfs! 

 I love these boots and I'm sure they'll be worn to death! You can see me wearing the tan 'strappy' boots in the 'what Maria wore' posting. Shoes/boots are just one of my favourite accessories and thankfully most of the stores now have generous fit shoes. Evans of course offer standard fit shoes as well as wide-fit and even go up to size 11. I bought a pair of purple satin jewelled pumps in New Look yesterday during my lunch hour (rather expensive lunch! These were from their widefit range. I was really lucky as they were on sale - reduced from £19.99 to £9.99 and the only pair left in my size, so of course I had to have them ... who needs lunch! They are a perfect colour match for my purple Evans spot prom dress! 

Purple jewelled pumps - New Look
Evans purple spotted prom dress


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