Sunday, 17 October 2010

Aviator jackets vs Capes


Aviator jacket - Evans, £75
As one of the seasons 'must haves' the aviator jacket and the cape can be seen in most of the shops on the high street and even the plus size stores are in on this autumn trend. I personally am not sold on the Aviator jacket just yet, I'm not sure exactly why. It could be wearability factor, they seem a little bulky or heavy to wear or the combination of leather and wool! I don't know; maybe its just me!  Evans  as usual are in on this autumn trend . On the flipside though, I am really likeing the cape this season. 

ASOS Curve knitted cape - £40

There's a pretty smart knitted version I've seen on the ASOS Curve website, unfortunately, I just haven't been able to track down your a fashionable bog-standard cape in a plus size! If I don't see a cape I like, thats in my size, I guess I might have to consider making one myself!
Cape -£79.99, Zara

I spotted this version from Zara. Most of the capes I've seen seem to be loose fitting, so they may fit the more curvey/plus sizes! I would love it if Zara did plus size clothing. They have some nice pieces on their website at the moment.

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